Vol. 15 No.1 April 2014


Original research articles

Evaluation of nerve conduction velocities of the median, ulnar and radial nerves of basketball players
Evaluation of nerve conduction velocities of the median, ulnar and radial nerves of basketball players
Determination of the foot strike pattern in runners belonging to a running team
Mr Jose David Velez Uribe, Mr Matheus Oliveira de Almeida, Mr Luiz Carlos Hespanhol Junior, Mr Raphael Lobão Pereira, Dr Alexandre Dias Lopes
Energy cost of running in middle-aged amateur runners: Is it affected by fatigue?
Dr Livio Zerbini; Dr Cantor Tarperi; Mr Aldo Savoldelli; Mr Alfredo Brighenti; Professor Federico Schena
Body temperature and heart rate in paediatric SCUBA dives Editor’s Selection
Dr Bernd E Winkler, Dr Kay Tetzlaff, Dr Claus-Martin Muth, Dr Andreas Koch, Professor Michael Georgieff, Professor Helge Hebestreit
Short- and long-term effects of a head-out aquatic exercise programme on body composition, anthropometrics and cardiovascular response of middle-aged women
Dr Mário J Costa, Ms Catarina Gonçalves, Professor Daniel A Marinho, Associate Professor António J Silva, Professor Tiago M Barbosa
Functional and physiological effects of a 12-week programme of resistance training in elderly hypertensive women
Mr Cássio GS Gonçalves, Dr Fábio Y Nakamura, Ms Aline M Gerage, Mrs Renata SB Januário, Mr Matheus A Nascimento, Dr Paulo TV Farinatti, Dr Marcos D Polito
Injuries at the Summer Asian Games 2010: A prospective epidemiologic study in national athletes
Associate Professor Eunkuk Kim, Dr Taegyu Kim, Professor Wonha Park
Force plate vertical jump measurements and 30 m sprint performance in trained athletes: A short report
Professor Mário C Marques, Professor Mikel Izquierdo, Professor Ricardo Ferraz, Professor André L Carneiro, Professor Juan José González-Badillo

Review articles

Mouth rinse with carbohydrate drink and performance: Hypothesis of its central action
Mr Henrique Bortolotti, Dr Leandro Ricardo Altimari, Mr Marcelo Vitor-Costa, Dr Edilson Serpeloni Cyrino
Determining force and power in cycling: A review of methods and instruments for pedal force and crank torque measurements
Dr Rodrigo Rico Bini, Dr Fernando Diefenthaeler, Dr Felipe P Carpes