Vol. 15 No.2 June 2014


Original research articles

FIMS Position Statement 2014: Physical activity and bone health
Mr Robert Bernecker, Ms Yvonne Theres Landkammer, Dr Jürgen Herfert, Professor Anton Wicker
Changes in strength and aerobic performance by concurrent training in under-19 soccer players
Professor Manuel López Segovia, Professor José Manuel Palao Andres, Dr Del P Wong, Dr Juan José González-Badillo
Discrepancy between knowledge and interest of Austrian sports physicians with respect to doping and doping prevention in sports
Ms Cornelia Blank, Dr David Müller, Professor Wolfgang Schobersberger
The reliability of force-time variables recorded during vertical jump performance and their relationship with jump height in power trained athletes
Professor Mário C Marques, Professor Mikel Izquierdo, Professor Roland van den Tillaar, Professor Gavin L Moir, Professor Luís Sanchéz-Medina, Professor Juan J González-Badillo
The relationship between golf performance, anthropometrics, muscular strength and power characteristics in young elite players
Dr LorenaTorres-Ronda, Dr Anne Delextrat, Professor Juan J Gonzalez-Badillo
“Young” masters vs. elite swimmers: Comparison of performance, energetics, kinematics and efficiency
Mr Jean E Mejias, Associate Professor José A Bragada, Associate Professor Mário J Costa, Associate Professor Victor M Reis, Associate Professor Nuno D Garrido, Associate Professor Tiago M Barbosa
Blood pressure and heart rate variability responses after isolated and combined sessions of aerobic and strength exercises
Ms Milene Granja Saccomani, Professor Tiago Figueiredo, Dr Mark S Kattenbraker, Dr Roberto Simão, Dr Cláudia Lúcia de Moraes Forjaz, Dr Marcos Doederlein Polito
Effects of saddle height on knee forces of recreational cyclists with and without knee pain Editor’s selection
Dr Rodrigo Rico Bini, Professor Patria A Hume