Vol. 15 No.3 September 2014


Original research articles

FIMS Position Statement 2014: Physical activity and cancer
Ms Anja Wehrle, Ms Sarah Kneis
Rate of ascent and acute mountain sickness at high altitude
Dr Tai-Yi Hsu, Dr Yi-Ming Weng, Dr Yu-Hui Chiu, Dr Wen-Cheng Li, Dr Pang-Yen Chen, Dr Shih-Hao Wang, Mr Kuo-Feng Huang, Dr Jyh-How Huang, Dr Te-Fa Chiu, Dr Jih-Chang Chen
Increasing incidence of hamstring injuries in Major League Baseball pitchers
Dr Jerome Enad
Recovery from hamstring injuries in Major League Baseball players
Dr Jerome Enad
Heart rate and rating of perceived exertion in simulated competitive fights in Brazilian karate fighters
Mr Tiago Peçanha de Oliveira, Ms Francine Caetano de Andrade, Ms Carolina Zampa de Sousa, Ms Camila Felício Silva Arantes Braga, Ms Juliana Fernandes Filgueiras, Mr Leonardo Coelho Pertence, Dr Emerson Filipino Coelho
FIMS Position Statement 2014: Tendinopathies in athletes
Dr Michael Cassel, Mrs Kristin Hotzkow, Professor Frank Mayer
Serum magnesium in professional footballers during training and after a week of reduced training
Dr Terence J R Babwah, Professor Gerard A Hutchinson
Health conditions and injury patterns in avid US cyclists
Dr Mark Greve, Dr Janette Baird, Dr Michael J Mello
Testosterone, cortisol, training frequency and playing time in elite basketball players
Dr Xavier Schelling, Dr Julio Calleja-González, Associate Professor Lorena Rhonda Torres, Associate Professor Nicolás Cepeda Terrados
Muscle strength and leg asymmetries in elite runners and cyclists Editor’s selection
Professor Javier Yanci, Mr Asier Los Arcos
Oxidative stress status in female athletes with an IgE-dependent allergic response
Dr Jelena Martinović, Professor Violeta Dopsaj, Professor Milivoj Dopsaj, Dr Dragan Radovanović

Review articles

Acute hypotensive effects after a strength training session: A review
Professor Tiago Figueiredo, Professor Belmiro Freitas de Salles, Dr Ingrid Dias, Professor Victor Machado Reis, Professor Steven J Fleck, Professor Roberto Simão