Vol. 15 No.4 December 2014


Case reports

A 17-year-old judoka with acute hip pain
Mr Leon T B Meijer, Dr Tom M van Raaij, Dr Johannes Zwerver
Case report of a world class Ironman triathlete: EIAH at the ventilatory threshold
Dr Olivier Galy, Dr Anis Chaouachi, Professor Karim Chamari, Professor Christian Prefaut, Professor Oliver Hue
High ankle sprain: The new elite surfing injury?
Ms Lina Lundgren, Mr Matt Butel, Mr Tim Brown, Dr Sophia Nimphius, Dr Jeremy M Sheppard

Original research articles

The mechanism of concussion injury in rugby league Editors Selection
Dr Tracey L McLellan, Dr Audrey McKinlay
Impact of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction on athletic performance and airway health in rugby union players
Dr Danica Bonello Spiteri, Dr John Dickinson, Dr Jon Greenwell, Dr Lee Ingle
Medical examinations in Dutch professional football (soccer): A qualitative study
Mr Afram Akturk, Dr Han Inklaar, Dr Vincent Gouttebarge, Professor Monique HW Frings-Dresen
Day-to-day variation in heart rate recovery and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption after a submaximal treadmill protocol
Dr Theresa N Mann, Associate Professor Robert P Lamberts, Professor Michael I Lambert
The influence of intervention methodology on the physical condition of sedentary older adults
Professor José A Prieto Saborit, Professor Paloma Nistal Hernández, Professor Luisa Ruíz Fernández, Professor Miguel Del Valle Soto
The effects of exercise order and periodized resistance training on maximum strength and muscle thickness
Mr Juliano Spineti, Professor Tiago Figueiredo, Dr Humberto Miranda, Dr Belmiro Freitas de Salles, Dr Liliam Fernandes, Dr Roberto Simão
The prevalence and determinants of anabolic steroid use among fitness centre attendees in Lebanon
Dr Eveline A Hitti, Dr Jad P Melki, Dr Afif J Mufarrij
Individual anaerobic threshold prediction through 1 km and 3 km running performance in young soccer players
Dr Carmen Sílvia Grubert Dr Carmen Sílvia Grubert Campbell, Mr Kaori Célia Sakuma, Mr Rafael Rodrigues da Cunha, Dr Sérgio Rodrigues Moreira, Dr Eduardo Bodnariuc Fontes, Dr Ricardo Moreno Lima
Effect of exercise intensity on body composition and cardiovascular disease risk factors in sedentary young obese women
Dr Nourhen Mezghanni, Dr Hamdi Chtourou, Dr Amina Lahyani, Professor Kamel Jamoussi, Dr Mouna Mnif, Dr Liwa Masmoudi, Professor Mohamed Abid, Professor Hafedh Mejdoub
Determination of the fluid intake needs of endurance athletes using computational intelligence
Dr Navin R Singh,Professor Edith M Peters-Futre
Effects of swimming training on the femoral neck strength in growing rats with untreated streptozotocin-induced diabetes
Ms Karina Ana da Silva, Professor Ricardo Junqueira Del Carlo, Associate Professor Sérgio Luis Pinto da Matta, Associate Professor Mario Jefferson Quirino Louzada, Ms Aurora Corrêa Rodrigues
Glutathione S-Transferase M1 and T1 genotypes in high-level swimmers
Dr Aldo M Costa, Ms Ana Dias, Mr Luis Crisóstomo, Ms Ana Ramalhinho, Dr Luiza Breitenfeld, Ms Ana Pereira
Acute responses to aquatic fitness activities: A comparison between shallow and deep-water lesson
Dr Daniel A Marinho, Dr M José Lima, Dr Tiago M Barbosa, Dr Aldo M Costa, Dr Henrique P Neiva
Gender differences in the sport psychological skills profile of adolescent sport participants
Dr Anekebé Kruger, Professor Anita E Pienaar
Pain catastrophising and its influence on pre-programmed reactions in athletes with chronic low back pain
Associate Professor Shweta Shenoy, Dr Harini Balachander, Dr Jaspal Singh Sandhu
Anaerobic evaluation of Taekwondo athletes
Mr Jader Sant’Ana, Professor Fernando Diefenthaeler, Mr Juliano Dal Pupo, Mr Daniele Detanico, Professor Luiz Guilherme A Guglielmo, Professor Saray G Santos

Review articles

Physiological responses during taekwondo training and competition
Associate Professor Emerson Franchini, Mr Montassar Tabben, Dr Helmi Chaabène